New Resources for Healthier Homes

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  • The Healthy Building Network (HBN) — supports the healthy materials movement with data and education that foster greater transparency and product innovation. Their newest initiative, Home Free, offers resources for healthier affordable housing, including information and advice for builders on a budget. For technical staff who are interested in chemical and hazard level data, HBN’s Pharos and Data Commons provide comprehensive hazard data for some 85,000 frequently-used chemicals.
  • For consumers, the Environmental Working Group’s Home Guide offers easy-to-understand guidance on choosing materials such as flooring, insulation, furniture, countertops and more.
  • The Health Product Declaration Collaborative is working to make information about healthy products more transparent and accessible to the building industry. Working in coalition with architects, designers, specifiers, owners, manufacturers, contractors, materials researchers, and NGOs, the Collaborative has developed a standard, consistent and reliable reporting format for product contents, called the Health Product Declaration (HPD). If you want to know what is in a building product, you can search their public repository of approximately 4,000 product disclosures. If you don’t find a specific product declaration there, ask your manufacturer to create one.
  • The Green Science Policy Institute offers strategies to avoid hazardous chemicals, especially flame retardants in furniture and building insulation. The group also offers accessible resources for architects and designers to better understand the worst classes of chemicals, called Six Classes.
  • The Housing Partnership Network is advancing a procurement platform called Select. Select creates value for affordable housing members by leveraging the collective purchasing power of 200,000+ units to negotiate competitive pricing on a broad array of products. They have begun a partnership with Healthy Building Network to ensure that product offerings include healthier options.




A changing climate means a changing society. The Island Press Urban Resilience Project (URP) is committed to a greener, fairer future.

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Urban Resilience Project

Urban Resilience Project

A changing climate means a changing society. The Island Press Urban Resilience Project (URP) is committed to a greener, fairer future.

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